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Health Care Team

Dr. Bob McClanahan, DVM. & Nicky, CVT.

Dr. Bob McClanahan, DVM. & Nicky, CVT.

       Mobile Pet Doctor At Home Pet Euthanasia Services is a locally owned family business that provides compassionate at home pet euthanasia services for furry family members located in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Waukesha Counties. Through our own personal experiences of losing our pets at home, we strive to make your pet's very last moments peaceful, comfortable, and stress-free just like we were able to do for our pets. All pets are given a gentle sedative to help them be calm and comfortable through the process. When they are deeply sleeping, a final injection is given to help them peacefully pass in the comforts of their home surrounded by loved ones. 

Thank you for allowing Mobile Pet Doctor to help your pet and family during this difficult time.

Bob & Nicky

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