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Posted By :    Michelle Brown
Posted :    5/8/2020
Comments :    WOW! Our 15 year old cat visited Dr. Bob during the COVID-19 outbreak. They have a great process for this and though we couldn't be with our car during her exam, she was a happy girl right after. Dr. Bob is very experienced, and has a great bedside manner. Prices are in line with a normal vet visit. Using Mobile Pet Dr. really took the stress off of our cat and we will continue to take our cat to Dr. Bob.
Posted By :    Barb  (
Posted :    10/11/2017
Comments :    Dr. Bob helped me out a couple of years ago with a couple of feral kitties I was helping. He was kind, patient, and most of all so helpful. He does wonderful work and I would recommend them to anyone at anytime. Their love of animals is obvious by their care.
Posted By :    Ruby
Posted :    3/27/2017
Comments :    Dr.Bob is the best. He was inexpensive and very kind.He I think is the best pet doc. ever. Thank you again Dr.Bob!
Posted By :    Rose
Posted :    5/21/2016
Comments :    Dr. Bob is absolutely the best. When my cat had severe health issues, Bob came every day to hydrate her over a holiday weekend. He cares so much for the animals in his care. We wouldn't let any other vet take care of our beloved pets.
Posted By :    Bill Beasley  (
Posted :    3/4/2016
Comments :    They're doing it again. Dr. Bob and Nicole are providing professional, highest quality, timely and loving care to our latest family (pack) addition, Ginger. Not satisfied that we weren't completely utilizing our capacity to care for and nurture another dog with orthopedic and/or metabolic issues, AK (see 7/13/2013 post here) in October 2015, started watching a 12 year old female tripaw golden retriever at the Alabama Golden - Birmingham Rescue web site. Cast into the system when her entire family died, she didn't seem like a good candidate for adoption. The fates aligned. The Alabama dog was named Ginger II. AK's recently deceased brother's dog was named Ginger. AK swore to take care of his dog at his death. His dog died within days of his death from what we believe to be a broken heart. Further, AK's 10 year old golden Brandy is an active, healthy, sweet disposition service and therapy dog who does agility and rally for fun. A living testimony to Dr. Bob's continuing care and treatment. Not what you would envision as a dog with the special needs we're equipped to handle. From two previously handicapped dogs, we have ramps, therapy pool, lifting harnesses, holistic and therapeutic training plus contact resources to provide all levels of care for an animal in need. Did I mention we're both retired with very flexible time demands. The final tipping point in triggering an application to adopt Ginger II came when AK and Brandy were involved in a photo shoot to be used with a promotion through Fox Valley Humane Association senior adoption program in Appleton, WI. Being an alumna of FVHA, Brandy was chosen as the Gray Muzzle program ambassador. The photographer had a tripaw dog. That was all it took for AK to realize that she could make a huge difference in the quality of life for Alabama Ginger II. The adoption process was initiated. The Birmingham facility seemed hesitant to proceed with the adoption process. Seems that there were medical issues with Ginger that were not completely and satisfactorily resolved. AK's daughter-in-law visited the Birmingham facility where Ginger was being housed on an arranged meet and greet. Enter Dr. Bob. Coming to the house, a facetime session was set up with Ginger, Dr. Bob and the Alabama veterinarian to discuss issues, prognoses, temperament and other medical stuff along with a visual estimate of the dog's physical condition. Dr. Bob said the dog looked good despite the four and a half months she was housed in the "pound". The adoption process progressed, transportation was arranged between Alabama, Kentucky and Wisconsin. Literally within minutes of Gingers arrival in Greendale, Dr. Bob was at the house for an initial evaluation, establish preliminary care needs and brief the new owners on unique care needed for a tripaw with mobility issues. Treatment for an on going UTI, continued medication dosing, wound care of some hygiene related injuries, dietary needs and mobility issues were addressed. A complete physical was scheduled immediately following a necessary delay for some treatments to resolve. When Ginger displayed some early anxiety issues with Brandy, Dr. Bob quickly referred us to a dog behaviorist who has scheduled counselling sessions to work through them. Immediately after a course of antibiotics was completed, Dr. Bob and Nicole arrived at the house, did a complete workup, lab work, physical exams, all within the confines of Ginger's mobility handicapped activity space. The test results were returned within hours. This extraordinarily swift care has resulted in the development and implementation of a plan for Ginger's future and quality of life needs. If you love your animals and care for their quality of life, put them in the hands of Dr. Bob. As we've come to anticipate with The Mobile Pet Doctor, only excellence in care is to be expected, and as usual, our expectations were greatly exceeded.
Posted By :    Kathy
Posted :    2/17/2016
Comments :    We had Dr. MCClanahan come to do a home visit on 1 of our 4 dogs, our 10 year old lab/Dane mix. They exceeded all my expectations. All my dogs will be seeing them for future visits.
Posted By :    Lisa & Bill Henk
Posted :    11/23/2015
Comments :    Dr. Bob and his staff are the best ever! Our crazy lab, Lilly, who is 12, actually looks forward to their visits! Lilly would have seizures when going to the brick and mortar vet around age 9-10 and so thank goodness we found Dr. Bob and his trusty van. We couldn't be happier! Dr. Bob, you and your staff have made our lives easier and our dog's life better!
Posted By :    Ellen Szymanski  (
Posted :    4/29/2014
Comments :    I love Rose's and Colleen's comments. Rose, one of my 3 cats, screams every time I take her to the vet which is only 3 minutes away. She turned 16 in February, 2014 and it seems ironic I am killing her sooner by taking her to the vet. A friend recommend Dr. Bob and I am so grateful. He is very caring and brings very, very competent assistants who can find a vein in a cat weighing only 8 pounds. I can't even give a cat a pill! Thank you Dr. Bob and all the people you work with. I am also with you for life... Because, there will always be cats in my life...
Posted By :    Colleen
Posted :    4/4/2014
Comments :    Mobile pet vet is awesome! I avoided taking my dog to vet clinics due to the stress it put on both me and my dog. With Dr. Bob, it makes life so much easier to make sure my dog is healthy and happy. Dr Bob is great to work with and he follows up with you to make sure your animal is doing ok after a visit. Dr Bob really cares about the animals he sees. I am very very glad i was referred to this service!!!
Posted By :    Kelly
Posted :    5/1/2013
Comments :    We have a 14 year old dog Missy who is having some health problems due to her age. Taking her to the vet is very stressful and hard on us all. A friend of ours highly recommended Dr. Bob, So we had him come to the house. While we waited for his arrival we sat out on the lawn and enjoyed the beautiful weather. When he arrived, him and his assistant came and sat on the grass with us and gave Missy lots of love while we discussed what was going on with her. They both were so caring and compassionate. I have nothing but great things to say. I have two other dogs and will be having Dr. Bob take care of them also. I am so thankful for him.
Posted By :    Jeanne
Posted :    2/19/2013
Comments :    Dr Bob is the best vet I have had to see my cat and is so kind, caring! I am so glad I found him through a friend of mine, he will be my cat's vet as long as can be!He is the best!
Posted By :    Monica  (
Posted :    7/18/2012
Comments :    The stress and heartache over putting a pet down is terrible. Dr Bob made that trauma bearable today when he helped me say good-bye to my sweet cat Betsy. He and his assistant were kind and compassionate. They allowed me all the time I needed, explained everything they were gong to do and what to expect.I will be forever grateful for his care and help . He is a wonderful vet. I will recommend him to everyone.
Posted By :    Jim  (
Posted :    3/29/2012
Comments :    My dog Thor passed away March 28, 2012 with the help of Dr. McClanahan. I am so greatful to him for his patience, manor and time he spent with me at home when I let my most important part of my life leave me. This man is underpaid for what time he spends with clients. I highly recommend him and his assitant and his heart is what this world is missing..!! Good bless you Bob, you are forever in my heart and prayers..!! Thanks again. Jim Evans EGM Landscapes, Inc.
Posted By :    Mark & Karen
Posted :    3/18/2012
Comments :    Our 9yr. old lab mix is not crazy about goin' to the vet! Solution...bring the vet to him! Dr. Bob and his assistant Pam, came into the house to meet our dog first; let him get to know them and get background info by chatting with us. All along making Rory at ease the whole time. When it came time to take him into the mobile unit, he wanted nothing to do with it!! So instead; Dr. Bob and Pam came into the house and gave Rory his exam where he felt the most his own house. Now that's a real "house call". Very professional and very informative. Every thing they need for a routine exam and shots is always on hand. The entire time with him they kept talking to the dog making him more at ease. Their rates are very reasonable and come highly recommended. So glad we called them and gave them a chance.....We will use them again too!!!
Posted By :    Beth
Posted :    7/30/2011
Comments :    I have tried many vets in the in the milwaukee county area and have not been very pleased with the care. I found Dr. Mc Clanahan and he is wonderful, He was calm, reassuring and respected me and my dog. The home visit was stressfree, the fees were very affordable and the service was outstanding. I will continue to see Dr. Mc Clanahan for all our future vet needs.
Posted By :    Stephanie
Posted :    1/18/2011
Comments :    When my previous vet moved out of state, I was very anxious about finding a new vet. Dr. McClanahan was wonderful with both of my cats; his gentle, professional manner put all of us at ease. Highly recommeded!
Posted By :    Barb  (
Posted :    11/5/2010
Comments :    Dr. McClanahan treated my rescued Spaniel Angel for the first time on Wed. I am so pleased with the service we received! I have nothing but praise for the Doctor and staff. The personal care that Angel received is beyond compare. It was totally stress free for Angel which is very important since he is a rescue with issues. We will be with Dr. McClanahan for life.
Posted By :    Hope  (
Posted :    5/27/2010
Comments :    I have 4 pets and have avoided vet office visits due to the stress it caused for my pets and me. As a result, my pets were behind on routine vaccinations and heartworm testing. I had the Mobile Pet Doctor out yesterday and it was the most wonderful, stress free vet experience we have ever had. I expected it to be costly and was pleastantly surprised at how reasonable and affordable this service was. Dr. McClanahan took the time to thoroughly examine my pets with such care and compassion that he has won us over for as long as he can offer this service. It is truly a luxury to have a caring, competent and affordable vet who also makes housecalls!
Posted By :    Rose
Posted :    4/13/2010
Comments :    We have 2 pets, both of them hate the car so vet visits were very stressful for me and them. Dr. McClanahan's visit was the easiest, most pleasant, most convenient vet visit I've ever had! Both of our pets did well and loved the visit. They got the special attention they need and didn't have the trauma usually associted with it. Mobile Pet Doctor is definatelly the way to go!! We're with him for life!
Posted By :    Jim
Posted :    4/12/2010
Comments :    Mobile Pet Doctor did a great job! They were very friendly. I recommend them and will use them again.
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